A Comforting Paw


to shower you with unconditional love.

A Comforting Paw

Therapy dogs are trained to provide psychological or physiological therapy to individuals and are commonly used in schools, nursing homes and hospitals. For the handlers who volunteer together with their therapy dogs, the experience of bringing joy to others who love animals can be personally rewarding.

Therapy training is not as extensive as programs for service dogs, and typically includes an obedience class and exposing dogs to a variety of situations they might encounter in a therapeutic setting. It is important to note that the special rights afforded under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not apply to therapy dogs and their handlers.

Therapy Dogs Volunteer Experiences

As part of Magnolia Paws for Compassion, employees in Eisai’s New Jersey and Andover, Mass. offices are provided the opportunity to have their own pets trained as therapy dogs. Read more from employees about their rewarding experiences volunteering with patients.

Inspired to Help Others Who May Benefit from Animal Assistance?

Certify your pet as a therapy animal:
  • Beyond dogs, did you know cats, horses, rabbits and birds are among the types of animals that can be certified as therapy animals? Learn more about therapy certifications for your dog and other pets, as well as volunteer options for therapy animals here.